She woke drenched in sweat, completely disoriented. The dark room slowly came into focus, but some parts of it remained murky. It was almost like her eyes refused to get used to certain spaces. She focused on the areas they seemed comfortable with and slowly picked up shapes and colors. Only, there weren’t a lot of colors to pick up on: just grey, white, or … Continue reading Abyss

The Butterfly Maker

I have lied on my resume. I’m not a team player by instinct. But by conventional standards, it is a definitely a skill that recruiters look for while scanning the piles of resumes that are nearly indistinguishable from each other. So I followed the protocol that our college dictated and put ‘teamwork’ right up there with ‘work ethics’. Feeling like this made my ‘work ethics’ … Continue reading The Butterfly Maker


When you realize that you’re smaller than a ripple in the smallest lake, smaller than a drop of paint in the Sistine Chapel, smaller even than a raindrop in a tropical storm, that’s when you really start to grow. AF And we can grow only if we are open to change. As a society, we encourage people to be vary of the word ‘change’, unwittingly … Continue reading Anew

Where My Heart Is.

‘Home’ has always been an abstract concept for me. And a somewhat dynamic one, because we used to move around a lot to accommodate my mum’s commuting conveniences. In fact, we have shifted so many times, I stopped keeping count after a point. Some might have been annoyed at the constant ‘uprooting’ – leaving behind your favorite neighbor or neighborhood candy store can be tough … Continue reading Where My Heart Is.

Wandering Souls

Nomads have always intrigued me. As we studied about the tribes that wandered across the pages of our history books, they came alive in my imagination. I’ve spent hours picturing the lifestyle they had. Trudging through the hot desert sand and swaying bodily on the humped backs of camels, the first settlers probably shaded their eyes from the swirls of dust whipped up by the … Continue reading Wandering Souls

Rock You Like a Hurricane.

You’ll notice that there is a huge chunk missing in the timeline of my blogs, a lapse of around four years. Four years is a considerable amount of time. A lot can happen in four years. And a lot did. The earth got warmer, idiots took over world superpowers, atrocities against minorities continued, the #metoo movement empowered women across the globe, horribly destructive wildfires held … Continue reading Rock You Like a Hurricane.