Colour Me Yellow

For me, everything bright and beautiful is tinged with yellow, however subtly. I can describe this pretty colour in a thousand ways.

Yellow is the warmth on fine sunny days, holding you in a cozy embrace and wiping away the sorrows of the cold nights you have endured. It is in the streaks running through autumn leaves as they fall off the trees and crunch beneath your feet, paving the way for new buds. Yellow is in the sweetness of thick honey, rolling off your tongue and exploding into melody on your taste buds. It is the contentment that envelops you when you bite into a juicy mango, the freshness you inhale from tangy lemon zest. Yellow is a feeling of happiness, and of serenity; the beauty in sunsets that makes you believe in the magic blooming all around you.

Yellow is the most beautiful flower you can hold in the palm of your hand, the fluffiest pillow on your grandmother’s bed. It is the chirpiest bird that ever did take flight into the vastness of the sky. It is the deliciousness you drown in while sipping a tall drink of cool mango juice on a hot summer noon; the comfort in a well scrambled egg on toast with which you welcome a soft, dewy morning. Yellow is the energy transferred to you from a ripe banana, the happiness coursing through your veins when you breathe in your favourite meal. Yellow is the rush of optimism a sunrise brings, the confidence that makes you feel like you can conquer the world no matter how hard the obstacles.


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