How the Elephant Got Its Trunk

I was one of those restless children. I could never bring myself to sit still. I loved the great outdoors, I lived to get muddy, and I collected scabs with the enthusiasm of a wine collector looking to fill his cellar with rare vintages. So it goes without saying that reading was never at the top of my list of priorities; in fact, it had … Continue reading How the Elephant Got Its Trunk

The Butterfly Maker

I have lied on my resume. I’m not a team player by instinct. But by conventional standards, it is a definitely a skill that recruiters look for while scanning the piles of resumes that are nearly indistinguishable from each other. So I followed the protocol that our college dictated and put ‘teamwork’ right up there with ‘work ethics’. Feeling like this made my ‘work ethics’ … Continue reading The Butterfly Maker


When you realize that you’re smaller than a ripple in the smallest lake, smaller than a drop of paint in the Sistine Chapel, smaller even than a raindrop in a tropical storm, that’s when you really start to grow. AF And we can grow only if we are open to change. As a society, we encourage people to be vary of the word ‘change’, unwittingly … Continue reading Anew

Where My Heart Is.

‘Home’ has always been an abstract concept for me. And a somewhat dynamic one, because we used to move around a lot to accommodate my mum’s commuting conveniences. In fact, we have shifted so many times, I stopped keeping count after a point. Some might have been annoyed at the constant ‘uprooting’ – leaving behind your favorite neighbor or neighborhood candy store can be tough … Continue reading Where My Heart Is.