How the Elephant Got Its Trunk

I was one of those restless children. I could never bring myself to sit still. I loved the great outdoors, I lived to get muddy, and I collected scabs with the enthusiasm of a wine collector looking to fill his cellar with rare vintages. So it goes without saying that reading was never at the … Continue reading How the Elephant Got Its Trunk

Elephant Yam

I spent the last weekend rediscovering my roots a little with my Amma and Atha (maternal grandparents) at my mum’s home in Pathanapuram. It’s a one hour drive from my place; back in the day, you’d need two buses and a jeep if you didn’t have the luxury of a private vehicle or the time … Continue reading Elephant Yam

The Butterfly Maker

I have lied on my resume. I’m not a team player by instinct. But by conventional standards, it is a definitely a skill that recruiters look for while scanning the piles of resumes that are nearly indistinguishable from each other. So I followed the protocol that our college dictated and put ‘teamwork’ right up there … Continue reading The Butterfly Maker