7 Authors Who Must be a Part of Every Childhood

I grew up with books for company, my childhood influenced by some amazing writers, and my imagination shaped by their magic. These authors conjured up some vibrant characters who were my constant companions through rain and shine and I’d like to make a list to celebrate their contribution to my world. This is by no means an exhaustive list; in fact, it barely scratches the … Continue reading 7 Authors Who Must be a Part of Every Childhood

Why Should Children Read?

“So it is with children who learn to read fluently and well: They begin to take flight into whole new worlds as effortlessly as young birds take to the sky.” William James Children are highly impressionable; clean slates we can etch epics into. As omnipresent parts of their lives, parents play an important part in authoring the prologues of these epics. And as parents, it … Continue reading Why Should Children Read?


When you realize that you’re smaller than a ripple in the smallest lake, smaller than a drop of paint in the Sistine Chapel, smaller even than a raindrop in a tropical storm, that’s when you really start to grow. AF And we can grow only if we are open to change. As a society, we encourage people to be vary of the word ‘change’, unwittingly … Continue reading Anew